The way we work…We’ve been doing this for a long time here’s how it all works:


During discovery, we take our time to discuss your needs. We conduct research, create rough designs and layouts, and brainstorm the best way to achieve your goal.


Now that we know what you want, we put it in writing. The project is clearly defined in the contract. What we will deliver, what is expected from you, is all in writing.


Based on the learnings in Discovery, our graphic artists will come back to you with screen designs for your review. Before any programming is done you will see what the screens look like.


Now that the screen designs are done, our programmers do what they do best.  Soon your concept will be a working mobile application!

Q/A and Testing

Q/A or Quality Assurance is something we take very seriously. Before we release your app to the app store, we put your app through a rigorous testing process.


At this point, you and your colleagues looked at the app on your own iPhone or Android phone or tablet. We are ready to deploy to the app stores.


What People Said

We needed to take our sophisticated player protection gambling software and have it work on the mobile platform. We decided to award the project to Quartus Technology. We got an excellent result. From the suggestions they offered to enhance the user experience, to the enhancements in designs we are thrilled with the result.
Rich Johnson
Safe Gaming System
Thanks to the great team efforts of Quartus Technology we have an outstanding product in place that is going to be established as an industry standard. We intend to establish a long term relationship with Quartus to maintain global operations and build product enhancements as the business builds.
Travel Monkey
As a startup corporation, we came to Quartus Technology to build our event ticketing application. We asked Quartus Technology to be our long-term partner in this endeavour. Our app and e-commerce website is going to become a dominant force in ticket sales in the USA and Canada.
Devon Harris
Party Buzz
After a lengthy process of determining what students would find most useful and instructors telling us what they would find most useful, we built Hairchitect. This innovative product, now available on iPad and iPhone allows a standard markup tool to as a blueprint in hair cutting and hair styling.
Joffrey Jara
We needed an app that our client base could use to download the engineering specs for our tracpipe product. Our client base also needed the ability to see our latest documentation and look up a sales person for their region.

Quartus Technology did a great job for our USA and UK apps.

Director of Engineering

Our Mission

To provide you with an outstanding mobile app and to provide you with world class customer service, during development and after the app goes live.

To do whatever it takes to stack the odds in your favor to make your app a commercial success, using our knowledge and experience in this competitive marketplace.

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Our Vision

Mobile phones are amazing devices and like mini computers. We want to provide cutting edge options to our clients as the technology evolves into the future.

From “internet of things” to wearables, and to the future applications not even conceived of yet, we want to be on the forefront of this amazing technology.

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Our Strategy

We build our business on reputation and word of mouth. By pricing our services very competitively, clients find our more affordable solutions appealing.

Our programmers are constantly trained and challenged with new learning in software design and programming, resulting in a better result for our customers.

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Our Portfolio

Some of the Innovative Apps Developed from Creative Ideas

  • Travel Monkey
  • Party Buzz
  • citylicity
  • AddU
  • Shopping Deals
  • Sharematic
  • Wiley College
  • Wing Chun Masters
  • PicFixr- Photo editor

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