Mobile app development:

This is our core business. This is what we do, and what we do well.   We are constantly keeping up with the latest technologies to provide you with the best mobile apps in the marketplace. From concept to deployment in the app store, we literally take care of everything for you. Ours is a total turn-key service.

We take your project from concept to app store deployment, and everything in between. We’re so confident In our work that we offer a 3 month warranty of our work. Your project is covered for three months from the date it first goes live in the app store.   In the very unlikely event a bug is discovered, it will be fixed immediately, at no additional charge.


Web Development

Creating iOS and Android apps are not enough.   Marketing is an essential part of building your app into a viable business. Quartus Technology therefore is committed to building beautiful websites to enhance your app presence.

A great website will drive downloads, as well as provide your users more information regarding your apps.

We can build a link directly from the webpage to the Google play and Apple app stores so that the user can directly download the app.

Our beautiful and fully responsive websites will intrigue the user, and will drive downloads with the user’s piqued interest level.

If your app is selling a service or merchandise, we can transact the same business on the website, using the same payment gateway that is already set up in the app.


UI/UX Design

Our team is well versed in the Apple screen design recommendations. We hire the best, most talented graphic artists, then we educate our team with cutting edge design protocols. The result is your app gets a great “flow”. Flow is the transition between one screen to the next.   What this means, is your app is optimally designed, with the best possible look and feel.   Great look and feel means great app reviews.

If your user base likes using the app, you are much much more likely to succeed in the very competitive and crowded app marketplace.

We fully understand that UI/UX is required for your app to succeed. Without a good UI you have virtually zero chance of success. This is why we place such an important emphasis on good screen designs and good flow.

If the app has a good look and feel, you are on the right track to success.

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